Introduction to 2 Minute Dota Guides

I know a lot of the time when I played DOTA and didn't know how every hero worked, I would play an -arem, -ar, -sd, -sdem, or any style really and get a hero who had an item build/skill build/play style I was unfamiliar with using. In the 2 minutes I had before the game started I would alt tab out, scramble around google, and try to find a guide for me hero. They were generally 30 minute reads and by the time I found starting items and skill builds, the game would have already started. Plus there isn't any guaruntee you will find a good guide!

Note: Everybody plays every hero to their own liking. I'm going to just give my own personal opinion and try to focus on the main points of the hero in a short 2 minute guide. Feel free to leave constructive comments under each post and if I try out and like your comment, I will edit my post and give you credit.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Setup of the Guides!

Over time as I feel confident with a hero, I will post a 2 minute guide for that hero and eventually work my way up to a guide for every hero.

The way the guides will be setup is as follows:

Lane Starting Items:
Jungle Starting Items (if applicable):
Core Items:
Lane Skill Build:    
Jungle Skill Build (if applicable):

Role in early game: (Jungle)(Ganker)(Farmer)(Pusher)
Role in mid game: (Farmer)(Jungler)(Ganker)(Support)(Pusher)(Semi-carry)
Role in late game:(Carry)(Support)(Pusher)(Semi-carry)

Skills: (Aura)(Nuke)(Stun)(Escape)(AOE)(Net)(Ward)(Passive)(ETC)
Skill 1:
Skill 2: Every skill will some of the words in () to describe it
Skill 3:
Skill 4:

Quick Things To Note About The Hero: Here I will make a couple of notes unique to the hero I feel are important

And that's it! The guide should be small enough to fit in one page so you can simply come to my blog when the game starts, CTRL+F, type your hero name in, and you'll have everything you need to know before the game starts!

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