Introduction to 2 Minute Dota Guides

I know a lot of the time when I played DOTA and didn't know how every hero worked, I would play an -arem, -ar, -sd, -sdem, or any style really and get a hero who had an item build/skill build/play style I was unfamiliar with using. In the 2 minutes I had before the game started I would alt tab out, scramble around google, and try to find a guide for me hero. They were generally 30 minute reads and by the time I found starting items and skill builds, the game would have already started. Plus there isn't any guaruntee you will find a good guide!

Note: Everybody plays every hero to their own liking. I'm going to just give my own personal opinion and try to focus on the main points of the hero in a short 2 minute guide. Feel free to leave constructive comments under each post and if I try out and like your comment, I will edit my post and give you credit.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Medusa - The Gorgon

Lane Starting Items

Core Items 

Lane Skill Build
Level 1 Mana Shield
Level 2 Mystic Snake
Level 3 Mana Shield
Level 4 Mystic Snake
Level 5 Mystic Snake
Level 6 Stone Gaze
Level 7 Mystic Snake
Level 8 Mana Shield
Level 9 Mana Shield
Level 10 Split Shot
Level 11 Stone Gaze
Level 12 Split Shot
Level 13 Split Shot
Level 14 Split Shot
Level 15 Stats
Level 16 Stone Gaze
Level 17-25 Stats

Role in early game: (Farmer)
Role in mid game: (Farmer)
Role in late game:(Carry)


Split Shot: (Shoots multiple targets)  (Damage reduce)
Mystic Snake: (Mana Steal)  (Damage)
Mana Shield: (Shield)
Stone Gaze: (Escape)  (Slow)

Quick Things To Note About The Hero: Toggling split shot can give you a pseudo spell block like potm's leap and manta!

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